Reveille Weekday School

Reveille Weekday School will close for the remainder of this school year in an effort to keep our families and teachers safe and well during this unprecedented time with the COVID-19 pandemic. If families need to get in touch with us, please contact the office or call 804.359.4600. We are grateful to our teachers for continuing to connect with families each week from now through the end of the school year. Thank you to families for your continued support during these uncertain times. And thank you to all of the health care workers and first responders working everyday to help our community. Our prayers are with each of you.



Reveille United Methodist Church, located at 4200 Cary Street Road in Richmond, Virginia, has been ministering to young families through the Reveille Weekday School since 1966. Accredited by the National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs and licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services, Reveille Weekday School serves children ages 12 months through Junior Kindergarten.

  • Play

    Reveille girls.

    Through play, a child learns the concepts of sharing and cooperation. It's through play that a child can discover more than just the world around them, but also develop relationships with their peers and foster a sense of independence.

  • Learn

    JK Science.

    The best learning is found in those spontaneous and teachable moments.

  • Grow

    Toddler caterpillar.

    At Reveille, we foster your child's growth with intentional teaching. You will notice that intentional teaching from the books that are displayed to the way a dramatic play area is set up. Teachers create this environment through meaningful lesson plans linked with age level objectives.