Reveille Weekday School

Our Mission

Reveille Weekday School is a faith based, child centered program, in which children learn and grow through play and intentional teaching.

Our curriculum has developed into a set of learning objectives for each age level. We base this off of the National Association for the Education of Young Children and the National Accreditation Commission standards. In addition, teachers supplement objectives with the Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers & Twos, Virginia's Foundation Blocks for Early Learning & Milestone's of Child's Development.

Teachers complete informal and formal assessments annually. The results are used to guide planning and individualize support systems and adaptations for individual children. Reveille uses the following: ASQ-3 (Ages & Stages Questionnaire) administered by the parent within a certain time frame in the fall. This data is compiled and discussed during the fall conference. The 5 day Kindergarten Readiness and Junior Kindergarten programs use PALS to assess phonological awareness. Portfolios are kept along with anecdotal notes for each child in all toddler and preschool classes.

Toddler Classes

The Toddler Classes provide a nurturing ministry to children between ages one and three.

The goals of the Toddler Classes are to:

  • maintain and celebrate the positive, spontaneous energy and activity of infants and toddlers
  • provide an extended family situation where small children may experience God's love in a nurturing environment with adults other than their parents
  • provide parents with opportunities to participate in the program and to observe their own children as they relate to other children and adult
  • promote each child's growth in independence, self-expression and self-discipline
  • provide opportunities for children to develop positive relationships with their peers
  • provide an environment and activities to cultivate the child's natural desire to learn

Toddler Curriculum

Pre-School Classes

The mission of the Pre-School Classes is to provide pre-kindergarten education in a warm, caring environment where the child's intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social, and physical growth are fostered.

The school provides opportunities for each child to:

  • develop his or her unique talents and abilities
  • develop a positive self-image
  • grow in independence
  • learn to give, share and receive affection
  • develop self-control and discipline
  • learn good health practices
  • learn non-sexist, non-racist human roles
  • begin to understand the physical world

The program is designed to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • stimulate curiosity, creativity and a desire to learn
  • help the child learn how to interact positively with peers and adults, individually and in groups
  • foster the development of language, through both listening and speaking
  • develop gross and fine motor skills

The school staff seek to exemplify God's love by providing care and by showing respect for each child as a unique and valued person.

Pre-School Curriculum

Junior Kindergarten

Reveille offers a Junior Kindergarten option to children who are old enough to attend kindergarten, but have decided to wait an additional year. We also offer this program to children turning five by January 1st. We currently have two Junior Kindergarten classes and two Kindergarten Readiness classes.

All of our Kindergarten Readiness and Junior Kindergarten children are given the PALS in the fall and again in the spring. The information that is gleaned from this assessment guides the curriculum for individual children.

The Junior Kindergarten classes implement a word-study program for students. They begin by doing "sorts" in which they discriminate words by beginning sound, rhyme and eventually by the actual letters. They will begin to recognize certain frequent words by sight and will read small books in the Ready Reader series that fall into the emergent reader level. They will have experience with environmental print and inventive spellings in their own writing and dictations.

Math skills, as well as science skills, are best learned through activities that require physical manipulation of items. As the children become confident and demonstrate an understanding of these concepts, the teachers will introduce the written numerals. The graphic symbol of both numbers and letters is an abstract concept to young children. In an early childhood program, it is important to teach the concepts using concrete objects (and sounds in the case of letters) before introducing the symbol.

The daily routine is very similar to a day in the preschool. The children, in our Kindergarten Readiness and Junior Kindergarten classes, will be involved in some outside enrichment programs as well. Students enrolled in our Junior Kindergarten also have the option to attend an Early Bird Enrichment. The enrichment lessons will focus on literacy, math, science and Spanish skills. The Early Bird program is Monday-Friday at 8am.

Junior Kindergarten Curriculum